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Bell's Concrete Reinforcement Nottingham

Bell's Construction Ltd carries out a comprehensive range of reinforcement work, including wall reinforcement, ground beam reinforcement and slab reinforcement to name a few.

Bell's Construction Ltd can offer skilled fixers that are capable of tying the most complicated steel reinforced bars into position whilst maintaining the highest of standards.

We can provide “labour only” steel fixers or undertake the work as a specialist steel fixing subcontractor.

Bell's Reinforcement Services Include:

Wall Reinforcement

Bar diameters typically range from 6mm to 50mm in diameter and are generally manufactured from high tensile steel. Some specifications call for Galvanised reinforcement and also stainless steel reinforcement.

Pile Cap Reinforcement

Several piles support each cap combining the working loads of the piles.

Ground Beam Reinforcement

Can be pre-fabricated and lifted into position or constructed in-situ.

Slab Reinforcement

Ground bearing slabs require reinforcement in both directions and reinforcement mesh can be used efficiently in most cases.

Mesh Reinforcement

Ranges in weight, bar diameter and bar centres.

Prefabricated Reinforcement

Can be supplied welded together. Some specifications do not allow welding.

Taper Threaded Couplers For Reinforcement

Used to join reinforcement bars together without the need for lapping them which is used in congested areas or for bars too big to transport.

Our operatives are skilled and experienced in all aspects of shuttering, steel fixing, concrete placement and finishing.

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